Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Will the Olympic Torch Relay be Coming Near to You?

The 2012 London Olympics gets closer and closer and today the full route of the Olympic flame, when it tours the length and breadth of the UK, was revealed.

In a 70 day, 8,000 mile journey, the Olympic flame will travel to within 10 miles of 95% of the country's population. 

Dressed in Adidas designed outfits of white with gold piping, emblazoned with the games logo on the chest, 8,000 torchbearers will bring the flame to all parts of the UK and it will even travel outside the country to Dublin for some inexplicable reason. 

The journey will start at Land’s End on the 19th May, ending up at the Olympic Stadium in the London East End suburb of Stratford, during the opening ceremony on July 27th.
The Olympic Stadium

Throughout its 70 day journey, the torch relay is apparently designed to ignite interest in the games, but is this really the case? Many people I speak to are totally apathetic about the Olympics coming here at all and the latest opinion polls show more than half of the UK's population have no enthusiasm for the games whatsoever.

The ticket sales website was a colossal disaster from beginning to end and the news of the high percentage of tickets being put aside for corporate use has helped little in encouraging support.  

An average daily figure of 115 people will carry the torch on its relay and the organisers have confirmed that the route will take in many famous sports venues, historic sites and places of outstanding natural beauty on its journey

To check whether the torch will be coming near to you, click HERE to be taken to the interactive relay map site. 

Upon entering my postcode, I discovered that the flame will get as close as 8 miles from my house on July 8th

Somehow however, I don’t think I will be bothering to go and see it.

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