Friday, 30 March 2012

Welcome to Rip-Off Britain

The main item on all news broadcasts and in the British media over the past few days has been the impending fuel tanker driver's industrial action, and the possibility of pumps running dry over the Easter period.

What was the reaction from our illustrious condemnation of a Government? They initially planned for members of the armed forces to be trained to take over the tanker driver's jobs, so that the supply of fuel would remain constant.

Francis Maude
Totally out-of-touch Conservative minister Francis Maude, suggested that we fill jerry cans with petrol and store them at home for future use, in case of a shortage. The fact that keeping this amount of petrol goes against all safety advice seemed totally lost on him.  

It has to be said that the Government has now distanced themselves from this ridiculous advice, but amazingly, "village idiot" Maude still keeps his job!

Maude's thoughtless comments have now sparked panic buying of fuel across the country, with long queue's appearing at many petrol stations and some totally running out of supplies.

I notice today that my local petrol station not only has cars queuing, but has also hiked up the price by 4p a litre overnight. A litre of unleaded now retails for £1.48, whilst diesel is 3p more at £1.51  A more obvious case of opportunist money-grabbing I have yet to see.

It doesn't seem 5 minutes since we were all bemoaning the onset of a litre breaking the pound barrier and here it is totally through the roof. 

As pretty well everything in the shops is transported by road, it will consequently mean higher prices, but do our leaders care? Of course they don't - it's not going to affect them now is it. 

The Unite union has today ruled out a strike over the Easter period and are to join conciliation talks. They have warned that if these break down, a strike would be likely after the holiday period.

Meanwhile Great Britain just spirals totally out of control, with a Government who truly haven't a clue what they are doing and are devoid of any constructive ideas to get us out of this mess. We certainly aren't very "Great" anymore.

So it's a warm welcome to all of you, here to Rip-Off Britain. We hope you enjoy your stay, but please remember to turn off the lights and leave the keys under the mat when you leave!

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