Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Sarah Millican Television Programme

Premiering tonight on BBC2 is the Sarah Millican Television Programme.

Sarah is an English stand-up comedienne who won the Best Newcomer Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2008 (yes I know - back to those damned awards again!). 

Based around her divorce, the Sarah Millican's Not Nice show played to rave reviews and she has returned to the Festival every year since (she has stated she will not return in 2012 however - not as a performer anyway).

To read an interview she did with the Metro newspaper explaining how her divorce got her into comedy, please click HERE

in 2010 she received a nomination for the top comedy award, but lost out to Russell Kane.

Sarah Millican
Growing up in South Shields in England's far north-east, Sarah had not even entered a comedy club until her first nights performance.

Over the last couple of years she has been making many appearances on TV in panel games and general prime-time entertainment shows such as the BBC's magazine programme The One Show.

Sarah Millican's observational style of comedy gives a refreshing, if somewhat controversial view of the world. catch it if you can (or set the Sky+ or V+ box).

The Sarah Millican Television Programme - 10.00pm, airing weekly - starting Thursday 8 March on BBC2.

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