Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Harry Potter Actor Jailed

Jamie Waylett known the world over for playing the part of Hogwarts School bully Vincent Crabbe, has been jailed for 2 years for offences committed during the 2011 London riots.

Sentenced at London's Wood Green Crown Court, Waylett from the north London suburb of Hampstead, admitted to drinking from a looted bottle of champagne and was even pictured on numerous occasions holding a bottle full of petrol with a rag as a wick. Even though it was accepted that he had no intention of throwing the "device", he was found guilty of violent disorder.

22 year old Waylett had previously been in trouble with the Police, having been convicted for possession of cannabis, when being found to have grown 10 plants in tents at his Kilburn home. At that time he expressed his sincere apologies to all Harry Potter fans, cast and crew, but his "misfortune" continued to spiral out of control.

In mitigation, Waylett's defence lawyer Emily Dummatt informed the court that the actor had struggled with his fame, becoming a "withered actor by the age of 22". She went on to say: "Although he had the good fortune to be in the Harry Potter films, it turned out to be not so good fortune."

He will be eligible for release after a year behind bars.

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