Friday, 1 July 2011

Tatty's Riverside Rant

I had some spare time this morning so, as the weather was nice, I decided to buy a pint of maggots and spend a few hours down by the riverside, trying to fool those nice fish into jumping on my hook. I went to a stretch of water on the River Great Ouse, controlled by the club I belong to, namely the Blunham and District Angling Club.

As it was, I caught a couple of small roach, a gudgeon and a young chub which was all very enjoyable, but the thing that put a dampener on the whole business was the amount of rubbish that had been left at the bankside by a previous angler.

Discarded broken fold up chair

As shown there was a broken fold up chair, along with a bait box lid and numerous food packaging items.

A Pringles Carton Plus Other Assorted Rubbish
It amazes me that as this water is supposedly only fished by club members, how they can be so stupid as to leave their discarded rubbish where it falls, knowing it reflects badly on the club and us other members. For the record, I collected it all up and disposed of it in the correct manner.

Discarded Bait Box Lid
If there was a way to identify this/these idiot/s, I would have no qualms in naming and shaming them. The title litter louts is too mild for what I think of them.

Tatty is off down the shed...

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  1. So sorry 2 read only 2 r living from the cast of on the buses. So sad what a wonderful comedy it was.