Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Great Tesco Rip-Off

Today, Mrs Tatty and yours truly popped into Tesco’s to do a bit of shopping. Whilst there, we decided to take up their meal deal offer of a main course, a side order and a dessert for £5.

On the shelf, bordered with banners advertising the deal, we selected a main course of Chicken Pasta bake, along with a side order from the top shelf of 8 Garlic Bread Slices and a dessert of cheesecake (situated on the lower shelf).

A Tesco store (not the one detailed in this story I hasten to add)
After paying at the checkout, I noticed that the deal had not been discounted, and went to the Customer Service desk to ask the reason why not? After the lady had returned from checking, she informed me that the slices were not part of the deal and offered a pack of garlic baguettes instead (which were situated next to the slices). I asked why the slices were located in this section, if they were not part of the deal, but it was abundantly clear that the assistant didn't know.

So I asked to see the store Manager, who I thought may have a vague idea as to what was going on. “He's not here”, I was rather curtly informed, and in that case we decided to ask for, and received a full refund, as we didn’t particularly want the baguette option (and as a matter of principle as well).

Surely if Tesco are going to make an offer in store, they should make it perfectly clear what items the offer consists of and make sure their staff are fully aware when filling the shelves. Is this too much to ask for Mr T?

I must also comment that when I was recently overcharged on a deal in ASDA, not only did they refund the amount, but gave me a £2 shopping card in way of an apology. What am I likely to get from Tesco? Don't forget - every little helps!

I have emailed this story to Tesco’s online customer services department and so far have received an automated email back apologising, saying they will investigate. I would keep you all updated, but I don’t imagine they’ll be a great deal to update somehow.

Moral of the story: If you do shop in Mr T’s emporium, please make sure you check up on how much you are being charged for your purchases, and watch out for them trying to rip you off.

Mr T - the floor is yours......

Tatty is now returning his trolley!

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