Sunday, 17 July 2011

Euro Mole Bureaucracy Gone Mad

For over 20 years, Lancastrian, Peter Brown has culled moles, using methods that had been passed down from generation to generation. But this has all changed, thanks to the totally out-of-touch bureaucrats from the European Union, and Mr Brown now has to work up to 80 hours a week as a farm hand, just to make ends meet.

I am a mole and I live in a hole!
And before I hear all the cries of how lovely and sweet the little moles are, and how cruel Mr Brown’s former profession was, please spare a thought for the destruction they cause in the countryside and diseases that they can spread to cattle and even humans.

The EU Biocides Directive had decreed that the previously used strychnine hydrochloride, should be replaced by a far less efficient and more expensive alternative in aluminium phosphate. So Mr Brown, who has always worked within the law, is now unable to compete against a black market in mole trapping, and consequently loses his job and profession. 

How fair is this? Does anyone give a damn? It is abundantly clear that Europe certainly don’t!

Peter took his case to the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels, where he was granted a whole five minutes before his argument was summarily dismissed by the illustrious Eurocrats. Maybe it has something to do with the mole being a protected species in certain countries (such as Germany). Obviously the mole has a hold of some description over the EU.

WELL DONE to the EU for yet another idiotic, stupid decision.

Is it truly any wonder why the majority of everyday people here in the UK, have little, or no time, for this so-called union with Europe? Haven’t we had enough of the Eurocrats poking their noses into our business? The fact that we are an island, surrounded by water, is there for one very good reason – to help keep the buggers out!

Surely it is time we severed our membership of this body that only seems to be operating for the benefit of its smaller member nations?

What exactly do we get out of it? Not as much as we have to put in, I would guess!
Tatty has stepped off the soapbox!

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