Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hayemaker or Haye Taker?

Last night in Hamburg, a fight to help unify factions of the World Heavyweight Title was contested by Ukrainian, Wladimir Klitschko and Briton, David Haye. Klitschko put up his WBO and IBF titles, whilst Haye laid his WBA belt on the line.

David "The Hayemaker" Haye (image by fitpro1)
 After a rather distasteful run up to the fight, with Haye being continually abusive toward his opponent and where Klitschko dealt with all insults in a gentlemanly manner, the Ukrainian won easily by a unanimous points decision. 

After the fight Haye claimed to have gone into the contest with a broken toe after an accident that happened 3 weeks ago in training.

If this was the case:

1. Why was his injury not picked up by the overseeing medical professionals, causing the fight to be postponed until a later date? 

2. As Haye claimed not to be fully fit at the start, surely all fight fans that travelled to Germany, were coaxed there on a false pretence and have a case to get their travel costs refunded? 

3. All fans who bet on the outcome, or more to the point, on Haye to win (and Tatty includes himself in this), should get their stakes refunded? 

4.  All those paying for the Sky TV pay per view coverage should also get refunds?

To be honest Mr Haye, we  have been conned by the fact that you (so you say), did not go into the fight at 100% fitness. I am sure that you will be only too quick to take your purse for the fight though, not giving a damn about your fans being out of pocket. 

With the apathy you have shown towards the title that you once held, you have as much as stuck two fingers up at the authorities that control the sport and anyone connected with it. 

Let’s hope this is the last we see of you in the ring, because if you return, how will anyone ever take you seriously and be sure that everything is above board? 

There are a lot of very angry people, who feel totally sold out by this whole sordid affair, but I doubt you really care, so long as your bank balance rises. Thankfully the right man won the bout.

Mud sticks Mr Haye and you are totally covered in it!

Tatty is now off to the gym.....

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