Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Wonderful Larry Grayson

I recently wrote an article outlining the life an career of British comedian/gameshow host Larry Grayson. Link below:-

Larry is best remembered for the period in the 1970's where he came (back) to fame and was the 2nd host of BBC TV's "The Generation Game". Replacing Bruce Forsyth, who went on to a short lived variety show on ITV, Larry took the show to new heights with his hapless, hopeless style of presenting.

Larry was a marvellous comedian. The master of camp and inuendo, he could make an audience howl with laughter just by raising his eyebrows or making a quick quip.

It is truly impossible to do a career justice with either a short 900 word article or a 10 minute video as posted below.

The video gives an insight into how he was plucked back to stardom with the help of legendary drag artist, Danny La Rue and goes on to explain how he was hounded by the press, desperate to know his sexuality. In this age it wouldn't have been an issue, but back then things were grossly different.

Larry, who learned his trade in the harsh UK working mens club circuit, truly was a comedy genius and watching the footage both brings back memories and still makes me laugh.

Larry Grayson 1923 - 1995

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