Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Vile Saga Goes On and On and On and On..........

Hello my friends out there in bloggo land, I hope I find you all in fine fettle.

The Villa Saga

So the manager nonsense goes on at Vile Park. They have decided they don't want Steve McClaren (who I believe is to replace the sacked Billy Davies at Nottingham Forest) and Rafa Benitez (or did he decide he didn't want them?). They then started talking to Roberto Martinez from Wigan who, for whatever reason (probably financial), decided he wanted to stay at the DW Stadium.
Vile Towers

The latest is that Birmingham City boss, Alex McCleish, fresh from the success of relegation, has resigned by email (what style I thought - then again I suppose he could have used sms and really rubbed their noses in it) and is tipped to be driving through the Vile Park gates at any moment

Can you believe this? The average Bluenose (or at the least the one or two with use of the braincell today) are going to go scatty, not to mention the Vile fans (no braincells to worry about there). What sort of message will this give, get relegated and get a bigger club maybe?

The football world has gone loopy.


To be honest, I find it totally amusing to see the Vile making complete a***holes of themselves as usual. Next stop Championship football in 2012.

New articles

I have been somewhat busy this week with different projects, but I have written and had published a couple of new works.

Firstly a horse racing based discussion entitled,  
Are British Lady Jockeys as Good as Men?  
and a tribute to late British comedian Larry Grayson,  
British Comedy Greats: Larry Grayson. 

Please click on either title if it interests you and for more of my work, please have a look at
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