Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Amir, Benitez and the Wolves

Amir Cricket Story
The interesting cricket story to come out today (apart from England's Matt Prior getting into trouble for breaking a window at Lord's yesterday), is the fact that banned Pakistani fast bowler, Mohammad Amir, played in a village match in Surrey at the weekend.

Mohammad Amir (image via Wikipedia)

 He claims that the club he played for, assured him it was a friendly fixture and was not under the umbrella of the ICC (International Cricket Council). But that body is now to investigate the matter with further sanctions possible. 

"Boring" Bob Willis (former England captain), came out on Sky Sports News today saying he was absolutely staggered and the ban should be extended (I'm amazed that he managed to stay awake long enough)

Maybe so, but was there any real harm caused in him playing? It would have given the other players a thrill to play alongside him and a nice surprise for anyone watching. OK, so he has a worldwide ban, but surely this should be just at International and First Class level?

I'm sure many readers will disagree with me about this. Tell me why I'm wrong (and if you are reading this Bob, we'll help you now to go back to counting your sheep. 1-2-3-4 zzz!).

Soon to be Benitez Villa?

Rafa B (image from Wikipedia)

There are stories emerging today that Aston Villa (or the Vile as I know them), are soon to appoint former Liverpool and Inter Milan boss, Rafa Benitez as their new manager. I'm sure the Spaniard is a very nice man and will do his best for the stumbling, almost giants, but it would be an inspired appointment I would say - a 2nd rate manager for a 2nd rate team (you gotta larf ain't yer?). 

Also I notice Wolves have knocked down one of their stands, in readiness to build a new one. A suggestion, why don't they just flatten the whole damn place and build something useful, like a car park.

Off now for a rubdown with the Sporting Life.

Tatty is now away from the lapdog.

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