Monday, 7 February 2011

Washout North of the Border

Good day my old buds

Well yesterday was a bit of an anti-climax was it not? I return to the land of the tipping, only to find its been a bit soggy up in Western Scotland and Ayr had bitten the slurry. Shame that, Ayr is one of my fave courses; I love the Ayr Gold Cup meeting and the locals are so friendly. I must go up again someday. Matter of interest, has anyone any idea who trains at the Cree Lodge stables across the road from the course now? I remember when Linda Perratt was there and I used to follow her gelding Ho Leng. He won me a few quid at Newmarket in (I believe it was) the Bunbury Cup one year.

In case of abandonments and non-runners etc, please follow my Twitter page where I will endeavour to update any of my blogs.

Back on to my pet subject of the moment, the dismissal of Robbie di Matteo from the Hawthorns. I wrote an email to the club today which I reproduce in full here:

I am totally at a loss over the relieving of Roberto di Matteo from his duties as Head Coach. The Chairman says it is due to the bad run of losses that has taken place, but why no strengthening of the squad in the January window, bar Carlos Vela?
1) Surely the idea of a Technical Director overseeing the bringing in of players means that Ashworth should go as well? He has surely failed in his remit to strengthen the squad. A coach is only as good as the players he has at his disposal.
2) Who are we going to find to do a better job than di Matteo? Unless the incumbant Manager has total control of all aspects, it will never work and we will be down in the Championship again before we know it.
3) Where is the logic in removing a Coach one week after the transfer window has closed? Any replacement will not have the opportunity to get in any players he requires to help keep us up (maybe that is what the board want - it won't cost them any more money will it?).
After almost 50 years of being an Albion fan, all I can say is that I am ashamed of the club for this totally ridiculous decision. I wish Robbie well and thank him for the excellent job he has done. Peace and his cronies have made one almighty big mistake with this and I for one wouldn't be sorry to see the back of them!
Will I receive a reply? Well I won't be holding my breath..... 
On to those 4 legged, annoying things that eat hay and nay a lot (and don't seem to run very fast on occasions). Southwell (AW), Market Rasen and Sedgefield are the courses of action for today, but to err on the side of caution, I will make both selections from the all-weather flat meeting at sultry Southwell.
Last week I went against EILEAN MOR who runs in the 3.15 maiden, but today I quite fancy Bryan Smart's gelding to get his head in front. I am not convinced the extra furlong was to his liking and a return to 6 should help.
An hour later at 4.15 ACE MASTER is one going up in distance  from 6 and 7 furlongs to a mile. He has been running ok at the shorter trips, but really does stand out to me in this field and I fancy him to prevail.
  EILEAN MOR Southwell 3.15 3rd @ 11/4
 ACE MASTER Southwell 4.15 3rd @ 3/1

Good night and good luck. Remember, updates if required on Twitter.


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