Saturday, 9 May 2015

10th May

On 10th May 1986 "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco went to No.1 on the UK pop charts.

Johann (Hans) Hölzel, whose stage name was Falco, was an Austrian pop star/rapper who had numerous international hits throughout his career, but this was the only time he ever reached the summit of the UK (or indeed the US) chart.  

"Rock Me Amadeus" became a No.1 hit in over a dozen countries and it helped him to become the biggest selling Austrian singer of all time.

Sadly Falco is no longer with us. He met his maker in February 1998, shortly before his 41st birthday, when his Mitsubishi was involved in a collision with a bus in the Dominican Republic. The bus driver was convicted of speeding and served a 3 year sentence in prison.

Famous birthdays:

Today would have been Sid Vicious’ 58th birthday. Born in 1957, the Sex Pistols’ bassist died at age 21 from a drug related incident --->

Stand-up comedian Al Murray (also known as the Pub Landlord), who stood as an independent candidate in this weeks UK election gaining 318 votes (47)

Former Netherlands, Ajax and Arsenal football striker Dennis Bergkamp (46)

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