Friday, 8 May 2015

9th May

On this day in 1949, Britain’s first launderette opened in London’s Queensway.

Known in different parts of the world as self service laundries, coin laundries or wash-a-terias (amongst other names), the launderette was a necessary utility for people who did not own a washing machine of their own. Sadly many have now closed down, due to the falling costs of home units and requirements of modern day living.

But in Headington, near to Oxford, did you know that a launderette was used as a polling station in Thursday’s General Election? Go along and cast your vote while getting a service wash at the same time. It could catch on!

Maybe this could be a storyline for EastEnders in 5 years time when we go to the polls again?

Today’s birthdays include:

<--- Actress and former Labour MP Glenda Jackson (79)

Singer/songwriter Billy Joel (66)

Inspiration of the Housemartins and the Beautiful South, Paul Heaton (53)

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