Wednesday, 6 May 2015

7th May

On this day of the UK General Election, I was trying to find a political anniversary for this posting and I was successful, although not a British anniversary as such. 

Today is 20 years to the day that Jacques Chirac became the President of France.

Chirac was elected on a mandate of tax cuts, budgetary cutbacks and job enablement programmes, all which did little to help him in the early months of his legislation, with widespread industrial action, leading to a general strike. As you might say, the French were revolting – no change there then!

Today’s other bits and pieces:

Jimmy Ruffin
Eva Peron, Argentinian actress and First lady was born on this day in 1919. She died in 1952.

American soul singer Jimmy Ruffin was born today in 1936. He passed away in Las Vegas in 2014 aged 78.

At the age of 90, American actor/producer and highly decorated naval captain in World War II, Douglas Fairbanks Jr died on this day in 2000

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