Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wilson Phillips Return with a Dedication

Wilson Phillips have returned with a new set of cover versions dedicated to the music of their parents.

Carnie and Wendy Wilson (daughters or the Beach Boys legendary Brian) and Chynna Phillips (daughter of the Mama's and the Papa's John and Michelle), have been life long friends and with this release, reprise a musical relationship that has found success (amongst other projects, marriage and raising families) for 22 years.

Their debut album back in 1990 sold over 10 million copies worldwide, bringing them three No.1's on the Billboard Hot 100, but this 5th album (they've not been what you would call prolific), brings together 12 tracks written and made famous by their parents.

With 7 Mama' and Papa's greats, along with 5 Beach Boys classics, the album is what I would describe as very pleasant on the ears if not particularly ground breaking.

The arrangements and production (by Carnie's husband Rob Bonfiglio) are immaculate and the ladies voices (surely they can't be classed as girls anymore now they have all hit their 40's) are as harmonious and angelic as ever.
On Stage - August 2011

I particularly liked their version of "Do It Again" which I remember the Wilson ladies covering previously with father Brian. 

The version of John Phillips' haunting "Got a Feeling" highlights just what a brilliant songwriter the man was even though his lifestyle was steeped in controversy.

The stand-out track has to be the a capella version of "Good Vibrations" which is the chosen single release and will presumably be bombarding our ears  through assorted AOR stations across the globe very soon. The forethought and cheek in trying to cover a classic in this fashion is commendable, it works well and is performed brilliantly.

In short, a pleasant release which will go down well with Wilson Phillips fans. It is somewhat questionable as to whether aficionados of the Mama's and the Papa's or the Beach Boys will be particularly enamoured with it however.

Also, it would be intriguing to know what Brian thinks of it.

Track Listing:
California Dreamin' * Wouldn't It Be Nice * Dedicated to the One I Love * Don't Worry Baby * Twelve-Thirty * I Can Hear Music * Monday Monday * Do It Again * Got a Feelin' * Fun, Fun, Fun * God Only Knows * Good Vibrations.

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