Thursday, 19 April 2012

Songs to Blow Bubbles by

Bubblegum music (also known as bubblegum rock or pop) stood tall at its greatest height between 1967 to 1972.

In an era where teenagers were not particularly affluent, it was presumed that teenagers would buy singles as opposed to albums, therefore creating a singles phenomenon rather than the longer playing variety.

There were some good examples emanating from this era however, here are 3 that I particularly enjoyed, all for different reasons.

The Cuff Links were a studio group, fronted by Ron Dante who was also lead vocalist of the Archies. In 1969, they released the international hit "Tracy", which hit the charts as the Archies "Sugar Sugar" started its decline.

"Tracy" reached No.4 here in the UK and was quickly followed up by (in my opinion) the greatly preferable "When Julie Comes Around".

Ron Dante, now aged 66,  remains active as a singer, producer, and concert performer. More information can be accessed at his website by clicking HERE

In the following footage, I am somewhat at a loss as to why the band are wandering around inside what looks to be a restaurant, singing as they go and gaining admiring glances from many young ladies (and one or two not so young men).

I'm also pretty sure that the frontman is not the aforementioned Mr Dante either, but who cares - it is truly a great song. Enjoy.......

A year earlier in 1968, the wonderfully named 1910 Fruitgum Company had their biggest hit with "Simon Says".

The name allegedly came from a sweet wrapper that guitarist Frank Jeckell claimed to have found in his attic.

In the footage, please try not to laugh at the drummer, who would look better behind an easel with a paintbrush in his hand. 

Or the guitarist who starts leering with a strange smile, when the camera focuses on him. 

And especially not at the bass player, who I'm certain was an extra in many a Hammer House of Horror movie.

Last, but not least in our tribute to Bubblegum, is a song by the artist who had more genre hits than any other, although it is questionable as to whether this song really fits.

"Dizzy" by Tommy Roe hit No.1 on both sides of the Atlantic in the summer of 1969 and went on to be covered by Boney M, Billy J Kramer and Vic Reeves.

Tommy is still with us and reaches the milestone of his 70th birthday next month in May. His website can be visited by clicking HERE


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