Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Hump Flops at Song Contest

So the Eurovision Song Contest is over for another year and it’s another triumphant victory in Baku for Sweden with Loreen singing “Euphoria” (please go to to see examples of previous winners and losers in this esteemed musical load of nonsense).

Winner - Loreen
Good to see that it has not been won again by one of the former Eastern Bloc states, along with their penchant of voting for each other. It has to be remembered however that the Scandinavian’s are not averse to the same little tricks either (though poor old Norway managed last place again). 

Apparently the winner is already no.1 in 4 countries and their entry, a former Swedish Idol contestant, was the strong favourite to land the spoils beforehand.

Enge will now have the Hump!
As for the UK entry, it was another total and utter disaster. The hope was that the name and reputation of Engelbert Humperdinck would bring in the nostalgic votes and that the UK would come closer to the top than in recent years. 

But it was not to be with the septuagenarian crooner only gaining a total of 12 points, leaving us in sorry 25th place (of 26).

Let’s be truthful, the song was poor and by all accounts, Enge’s performance included the odd bum note or 3. 

Ireland's entry Jedward
It is difficult to see what the UK can try next. Even with a renowned world star we still fail miserably. It truly comes to something when a mega-star like the Hump gets beaten by Irish entry Jedward and the Russian Grannies.

It is abundantly clear that we will never win the damn thing again because of the dislike the rest of Europe holds for us, so maybe it is time for us to hold up our hands, give in gracefully and let the Euro nations get on with it. 

Every year the BBC pile loads of our TV licence fee money into helping fund this complete and utter farce. Surely it could be put to better use and leave it open to the commercial channels to cover (should they be bothered).

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