Friday, 18 May 2012

3 Eurovision Song Contest Losers

I promised in a previous posting (3 More Eurovision Song Contest Winners), to follow up with 3 songs that did not win the contest. With this years extravaganza only 8 days away, I must apologise for my tardiness and reveal these previous entries - one of which being possibly the worst song ever to grace the event.

The Italian entry in 1974 was sung by 26 year old Gigliola Cinquetti and was entitled "Si". 

10 years previously as a 16 year old, she had gained her country's first ever win in the contest with "Non ho l'età" (I'm Not Old Enough). 

The lovely Gigliola
This time, on the English south coast at Brighton, she was close to becoming the first artist to win the contest for a 2nd time (eventually achieved by Ireland's Johnny Logan). She was beaten into 2nd place by a Swedish 4-piece outfit by name of Abba, of whom it is said, subsequently didn't do too badly for themselves.

It is believed that the live contest telecast of the song was blocked by Italian broadcaster RAI because it coincided with a national referendum on divorce. It was thought that the title "Si" (yes) may send a subliminal message to influence the poll. The song remained censored on Italian radio and TV for over a month.

An English language version of "Si" was released under the title of "Go (Before You Break My Heart)" which reached no.8 in the UK charts.

One of the better UK entries in recent years (wholly my opinion although many others would vehemently disagree), came in 2006 with Daz Sampson and "Teenage Life".

Daz Sampson
Sampson, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, was backed by 4 young women dressed in St Trinian's style schoolgirl uniforms. This caused something of an outcry from certain sections of the media, claiming it was overly sexual. Sampson replied stating  "the teenage girl dancers were fully clothed ... there was no sexual innuendo".

The Eurovision audience were not impressed however and the song only managed to gain 25 points, being beaten into 19th place by the Finnish entry.

Obviously Europe did not like, or were not ready for rap in the ESC. More to the point (as I commented in an earlier post), they didn't vote for us as they don't like us, which is fine as we can't stand them either (end of my anti-Euro rant - for now).

And now we come to the worst song (possibly) to ever be entered into the contest and I am sure many of you know what it is going to be before even reading this. Sadly it didn't even reach the final, being eliminated at the semi-final stage.

Over the years, Ireland have the best record of all in the contest, winning on 7 occasions. But they have never been averse to "taking the mickey" out of the whole affair and entering a song with little or no hope of success.

Dustin the Turkey
In 2008, their entry was from a puppet by name of Dustin the Turkey, singing the wonderfully dreadful "Irlande Douze Pointe" 

Dustin has been a fixture on Irish TV from as far back as 1989 and is a turkey with a very strong Dublin accent. The song however only managed 15th place in the semi-final, amassing  a paltry (or should it have been poultry) 22 points. 

Dustin has so far campaigned in 2 Irish presidential elections, where some of his manifesto promises have included ensuring that all young boys in Ireland get to go on a date with their favourite Spice Girl and to industrialise all rural areas (whilst ruralising everywhere else). 

He is a UNICEF ambassador.

Let's be honest here, the song was truly appalling, but still it is a shame that Dustin didn't reach the final - he might have given those Eurovisionists the kick up the proverbial they richly deserve.

This years contest is on Saturday 26th May. Come on Engelbert - we're counting on you!

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