Sunday, 26 February 2012

Are Traditional Pub Games on the Way Back?

As landlords attempt to attract customers into their inns, it is being reported that traditional pub games are making a dramatic comeback to public houses throughout the UK.
Bar Billiards Table with Ball and Skittle
 Many pubs have returned to offering such pastimes as dominoes, cribbage, table skittles, darts and my own personal favourite bar billiards, in an effort to boost sales in an ailing industry. 

Indeed many pubs are again forming teams to take on the regulars from other local hostelries and local leagues are once more being set up.

Many of these games have seen a decline in the modern era of music, Sky Sports TV and food dominated pubs, but can a return to tradition really be a saviour of our trademark local public houses? 
A Game of Dominoes (Is it me or do they seem to be enjoying themselves just a little too much?)

Greene King, one of the UK’s largest pub chains, has quickly jumped on the bandwagon, sending out game kits including such all-time favourites as quoits and shove-ha’penny, to their landlords up and down the country.

I fondly remember my earlier years, often spending many an hour in the “Nags Head” in Knaphill, Surrey, enjoying a pint or three of brown and mild, propping up the bar billiards table in the corner. 

Bar billiards was a favourite game of many, only to be usurped by the oncoming popularity of pool. The popularity of its comeback could be due to the fact that it takes up less room with the table being placed against the wall, giving the publican other usage options with area saved.
A Cribbage Board and Cards

Surely giving the drinker something to keep his mind occupied while he drowns his pint would be conducive to higher sales, a big hit with pub-goers and go some way towards stopping the trend towards drinking at home?

Now if my local pub were to install a bar billiards machine today, Mrs Tatty would most likely not see a lot of me in the evenings (and she probably wouldn’t be too upset if truth be known).

Your shout:

So what do you think? 

Would you like a return to the old-fashioned British local, or maybe prefer your pub left the way it is? 

Please let me know.

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