Thursday, 9 February 2012

And Next for the England Hotseat......

So now its official – Fabio Carp- pillow, aka the Italian Galleon, has thrown his toys out of the pram and is supposedly heading off back in his Gucci shoes to the land of copious bowls of pasta and gallon upon gallon of Asti Spumante. Arrivederci Fab!

Capello at the British F1 Grand Prix
No great loss in my opinion. I, like pretty well every other red blooded Englishman, have never really understood why we go down the road of foreign soccer coaches for our national side. It’s OK for a club to take on a top foreign coach as they need success for financial gain, but international football is different. It’s a matter of national pride and however much anyone tries to convince me otherwise, no foreign coach will ever have the required passion – it’s just a job to them.

The outcry is now for the immediate appointment of Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp to the “poisoned chalice” of the England job. But even though he has intimated, over the years, that he would be amenable to such a suggestion, would he really want to leave White Hart Lane at a time when they are flying high in the Premier League? He has admitted this morning as to have not even given thought about the England job so far – believe that if you will.
Is Harry the man?
Another mooted suggestion is WBA’s Roy Hodgson whose contract is up at the Hawthorns come the end of the season. Even though he has international management experience, this appointment would probably not go down so well with the rank and file England fan as he has never really succeeded when managing in this country.

Meanwhile the FA is going to take it’s time in appointing a successor to Mr Capello. Under-21 chief Stuart Pearce has been give the reigns for the upcoming match against the Netherlands – after that, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. Indeed, the FA are not even ruling out the appointment of another foreign coach.

In Temporary Charge - Stuart Pearce
All that is certain is that there will be no shortage of column inches on the subject in both the press and online (and more than likely in this blog) over the coming weeks.

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  1. Today (Friday 17th February 2012), Harry Redknapp said he has not been approached by the Football Association as yet about the England manager's job.