Monday, 7 November 2011

It's time Sir Bruce Forsyth Called it a Day

Hopefully I will never be accused of beating around the bush and not saying what I think. 

This posting is going to upset a lot of people, but sadly it has to be said - at age 83, the veteran host of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, Sir Bruce Forsyth, should call it a day and retire.

 Brucie (Wikipedia)

I agree that Brucie is a living legend and has long been a favourite in British households, but let's be honest here - he's just not funny anymore and if anything, watching him on a Saturday evening has become something of an embarrassment. It is noticeable that he doesn't get to front the Sunday evening results show, although last evening he popped up with a totally cringeworthy song and dance routine.
How would he be replaced I hear you ask? If you remember, when he fronted the Generation Game for the BBC back in the late 70's, he decided to jump ship and join ITV for his ill-fated Big Night show (can't imagine there's any danger of him being poached by ITV again somehow). He was replaced by camp comedian Larry Grayson who, against all the odds, took the show to a higher level and not only achieved higher viewing figures, but in truth did a far better job. Forsyth's new ITV show was cancelled after one run.

A suggestion for his replacement could be SCD dancer Anton du Beke, who has made a creditable job of fronting the Hole in the Wall show for the BBC, also on Saturday evening (when SCD is off-season) or even a return to regular TV of Sir Terry Wogan. 

du Beke and regular dance partner Erin Boag.
But as for Sir Brucie, now he has been awarded his long deserved knighthood, it's time the BBC and the British nation said a big thank you and allowed him to retire gracefully.

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