Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Edwina Currie Believes Nobody in the UK is Starving!

One of the most listened to clips on BBC i-player this weekend was a ridiculous comment by former Conservative MP and, at one time Government Minister Edwina Currie. Now she's been voted off Strictly Come Dancing (and a good thing too), she obviously has little else to do than sprout stupid uninformed clap-trap on late night radio talk shows.

Edwina (Out of Touch) Currie (wikipedia)
Speaking on the Stephen Nolan programme on BBC Radio 5 Live (required listening in my humble opinion), the now radio pundit, best known for her "all eggs contain salmonella gaffe" and her affair with former grey Tory PM John Major, was discussing an item where it was claimed that some people in this country had the choice between keeping themselves warm or eating this coming winter. She stated that she did not believe any Brits were starving anymore.

The question is, why am I surprised by this crass statement? She is a Tory when all said and done and it is abundantly clear that she and her party in government coalition have no clue as to what really affects many people in the UK.

YES - many people are starving as they cannot afford to buy the basic essentials.
YES - they are unable to pay the ridiculously high fuel costs imposed by the energy companies. 

Prime Minister David Cameron and Energy secretary Chris Huhne went to the big 6 energy companies yesterday, to demand that prices be kept down. At the end of the meeting their advice was "shop around to find the best deals". In other words the energy giants told Cammy and his hanger-on to **** off!

PM David Cameron (wikipedia)
But what do we expect? Cammy and Co won't go cold, they'll still be feeding their faces and not giving a stuff about the less fortunate members of our society who will be freezing and starving.

Shame on you Currie and Cameron - you and your political party should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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