Thursday, 30 April 2015

30th April

42 years ago today, Paul McCartney and Wings released their Red Rose, Speedway album (4th May 1973 in the UK). It was the 4th release from McCartney after the Beatles parted company and the 2nd using the name Wings.

Initially planned as a double album, a good number of the intended tracks were cut, some becoming B-sides to singles and others not seeing the light of day. It was claimed that the reason behind the smaller offering was to release a more commercial and less expensive record. It has to be said that there are few, what I would class as particularly commercial cuts, on the album.

The album ranges from the sublime, such as the hauntingly gorgeous “Little Lamb,Dragonfly” to the out-and-out ridiculous “Loup, (1st Indian on the Moon)” which in Tatty’s opinion was a total waste of vinyl. 

The former track has ignited discussion over the years with many people believing it to contain references to John Lennon. In later years these rumours were subsequently quashed by Sir Paul, who claimed it to be inspired by the story of a lamb on his farm that was so poorly they kept it inside the house overnight. The main remembered track from the piece was the No1 single “My Love”.

Red Rose, Speedway made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and no. 5 in  the UK album charts.

Birthdays on this day include:

The great Dickie Davies in his heyday
Former World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies (81)

One of the singing brothers from Utah, Merrill Osmond (62)

English actor Leslie Grantham, best remembered as Dirty Den from Eastenders (68)

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