Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing

When rummaging around a local re-use centre this morning, I came across a pile of fishing books on a table.
The majority of the books were on the subject of fly-fishing (which doesn’t really interest me), but nestled towards the bottom of the pile, were two Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing books.

Created by Bernard Venables, Mr Crabtree goes Fishing was an iconic comic strip that featured in the Daily Mirror in the 1940s. It was the story of a father who took his son Peter on a series of angling adventures throughout the year.
The first book based on the cartoons was published in 1949 and has sold approx. 4 million copies to date (my copies date from the 1960s)
Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing – 8th edition - 1960.
Fishing With Mr Crabtree In All Waters - 1st edition - 1965
Venables went on to co-found the Angling Times newspaper and is fondly remembered as being one of the most influential anglers and writers on the subject, of the 20th century.
To say I was chuffed with my find would be an understatement, and for 50p each, I think I got myself a bargain (have seen a similar copy of one, sold on Ebay for £9).
I can’t wait to start reading.

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