Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How to Handle an Eel.

Coming up towards the end of my holiday in East Dorset and today whilst out fishing on the campsite lake, I caught an eel. 

European Eel (Anguila anguila)
Now it is many a long year since I have found one of these critters on the end of my line and it got me thinking about how difficult they are to deal with when it comes to removing hooks etc. 

I was fortunate that it came off the hook in the landing net of its own accord, so I could return it to the lake easily, but for future reference the following page from the Specialist Eel Angling Group on gives good advice on how to handle these very wriggly, slippery (and in all honesty not very nice) creatures. 

Tatty is now sorting out his fishing tackle.

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