Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tatty is back!

Hello again everybody, the Tattenator is back, well back writing on this blog anyway. So what have I been doing? Where have I been. In truth, I’ve not been anywhere. I have been writing content for my other blog “Tatty’s Bedfordshire Blog”, and working on numerous articles and getting them published on the internet

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 I heard on the radio today that Carlo Ancelotti, formerly manager at Chelsea, was actually sacked in a corridor at Everton’s Goodison Park, after Sunday’s Premier League match. 

Has the world gone mad?

I cannot believe how insensitive, unprofessional, call it whatever you like, this is. Is this how things are done in Russia? (Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich is a Ruskie. Thank God I’m not one as well). At least West Ham had the common decency to ask to use a room at Wigan to do the dirty deed on Avram Grant.

They said that 2nd place in the Premier League was not good enough – after he won them the double (Premier League and FA Cup) last season.

This is all totally beyond me – come on all you Chelsea fans, if you can explain it all to me then please feel free to comment and do so. I and many others would love to know.

So what for Ancelotti now? I have a feeling that he will emerge as the new manager at Aston Villa. I just think that they will be concerned as to Gerard Houllier's health, after his heart problems and the Frenchman will move upstairs in a Director of Football role. I also think that the lure of landing a big name like Ancelotti, will turn the head of Villa owner Randy Lerner. You mark my words.
Horses checking out a fence at Bangor-on Dee
You will all know (or remember) my penchant for all things equine, or more to the point my liking of the Sport of Kings. I like nothing more to watch the horse racing on the telly of an afternoon, having the odd few pennies riding with one or more of the participants.

So why then have I become absolutely useless at picking winners (or even horses to make the frame come to that?) I don’t think I am doing anything different when making my selections so why? I wish I knew.

I am currently working on a system for betting on the greyhounds, which is coming up with encouraging results, so maybe I’ll give up horses (and maybe not). More on the system when I am convinced it works.

Bye for now, will try not to leave it so long next time.


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