Thursday 8 May 2014

Bewitched on Gold

One of my favourite TV shows as a kid was the US sitcom import Bewitched. I can still remember at the back end of the 1960s, looking forward to watching the original showings on my parents old black and white TV (oh for the onset of colour).
York, Moorehead and Montgomery
I was totally fascinated by the style of American modern living portrayed in the series – a world apart from what I was used to here in Blighty. And to believe I was na├»ve enough to think that a spell could be cast from a cute wiggling nose! Outrageous!
Running for 8 seasons, with 254 episodes between 1964 and 1972, imagine my recent joy to hear that it is to be shown again here in the UK on Gold TV.
Dick Sargent
Starring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens, a witch married to a mere mortal human, she was joined, initially by Dick York and later Dick Sargent, as her long suffering husband Darrin (Sargent quietly took over the role in season 6 after York quit because of a severe back condition).
Other regular characters in the series included Samantha’s mother Endora, played by the wonderfully OTT Agnes Moorehead. Darrin’s boss Larry Tate played by David White, the lovable Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) and the Stevens’ young daughter Tabitha, latterly portrayed by Erin Murphy.

Sadly, over the years, all bar Miss Murphy have now passed away. Montgomery due to colorectal cancer in 1995, York from complications brought on by emphysema in 1992, Sargent from prostate cancer in 1994 and Moorehead from uterine cancer as far back as 1974.

Erin Murphy 2008
Erin Murphy went on to appear in many episodes of Lassie, numerous TV adverts and also modelled swimwear.

Now 49 years of age, she has been married 3 times and has 6 sons.
Still living in California, she co-owns a company that produce flavoured frozen martinis.

Bewitched is still shown throughout the world and it is certainly a pleasure to see it back on TV here in the UK, albeit on a subscription satellite/cable channel.
It maybe looks somewhat dated these days, but the fact that the show ranked in TV Guide’s Top 50 Greatest Shows of all time, surely says a lot. I still enjoy it anyway.

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