Monday 21 March 2011

The Unacceptable Face of a Bigot

I went to the football on Saturday. Not Premier League or Football League, but my local Non-League side. They won 6-2, but that’s not my reason for writing. 

Previously I had reason to write to the club to mention racist comments being made by a certain faction of the crowd, about a black player on the other side. The club, to their credit, made an entry in the programme of subsequent matches, stating that this was totally unacceptable to them and would not be tolerated. 

A year or so onwards and sadly things are very much the same as they were. That same person (who is not a regular supporter), was this time making comments about another black player who, when on his knees after a heavy collision, started to crawl toward the touchline. The comment this time was aimed not so much at the player, but at a certain religious act. I was not only appalled at the comments, but also the fact that the perpetrators friends found it so highly amusing.

I would put the group (of about 5 or 6), in their late 50’s and 60’s age bracket – certainly old enough to know better you would assume. Sadly this seems to be an inherent problem throughout some older people in Britain. The younger generation has grown up in a multi-cultural society and they don’t bat an eyelid at anyone with a different skin colour or religion. In their eyes, everyone is equal, just as it should be. But when it comes to certain members of older age groups, this does not seem to be the case and away from the authorities, the abuse of anyone or anything different seems to be rife.

So is it a case of total ignorance? Sadly, I think not. Everyone is, or at least should be, fully aware of the laws of racial equality in this country. Is it a case of trying to show off and impress your friends and other people around you? Possibly so, but this is surely the lowest possible form of impression and should be seen through immediately. It certainly is a case of crass stupidity, showing an apprehension or fright of something that is not fully, or even partly understood, it seems. 

Is it any wonder there are so many conflicts and wars brought about by religion and the lack of understanding thereof. Hopefully when the younger generation becomes the elder, this will be a thing of the past.

Friday 18 March 2011

Hello everyone

The Tatternator Returns

I know, I haven't been around for a while. So what on earth have I been up to then? Well, in truth not a great deal really. I've not been writing basically due to suffering from writers block. I truly hope that is a thing of the past and the juices will now readily flow.

So the blog is back, but maybe not quite as regularly as before. All it seemed to be previously was me making a few suggestions of horses that may run well the following day and, more often than not, they didn't. That will not be the case in the future. I may still write about them (as you will see later in this post), but not quite in detail as before.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

Have you been watching Cheltenham? So far it has been a very successful festival for the Irish. On Wednesday 6 winners out of 7 races were trained over the sea in the Emerald Isle. 

Today however it is the blue riband event of the meeting, namely the Cheltenham Gold Cup and it looks to be one of the most open Gold Cup's for many a long year. 

If you buy today's daily papers, you will find the so called experts trying to convince you that Imperial Commander will retain his crown, or either Kauto Star / Denman will regain the title from previous years. Others will be going strongly for the so called young upstart Long Run and even Kempes who is ridden by AP McCoy will get a mention. I suppose you pays your money, you takes your choice!

I must admit to having the odd bob or two riding with both Kauto Star and Denman, but both are now 11 years old and we have to go back to 1969 when a horse over 10 years old was successful. Anyway, let's hope it's a great race and all combatants return safe and sound.

 Winner's enclosure at Cheltenham racecourse (Image Wikipedia Commons)

 Addenbrookes Hospital

Previous readers of the blog may remember mention of Mrs Tatty and her battle against Breast Cancer. To recap, she has successfully gone through chemotherapy and surgery. Today was her first session of radiotherapy.

The aforementioned procedures were undertaken at Bedford Hospital, of which I have no criticism, but radiotherapy is carried out at Addenbrookes (on the outskirts of Cambridge) and I am not greatly impressed with what I see so far. 

When arriving in the suite, there was a notice stating that they were running 20 minutes late. Whilst waiting, this was changed to running on time. So how come she eventually was called in at 3.20 for an appointment at 2.24 (I kid you not, tomorrows is at 2.36). 

Becuase the late appointment, it meant we were in the car park for over 2 hours. That cost (wait for it) £6.10

With another 18 sessions to go, it just proves it is an expensive business getting ill in the UK! 

That's all for this posting. Keep smiling and I will return soon.

Uncle Tatty