Wednesday 19 October 2011

Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas.

Ok, I am fully aware that this is supposedly a blog based around sports topics and my writing exploits, but occasionally I veer off topic somewhat, especially when I feel the need. Yesterday it was having a poke at Edwina Currie in particular and the Conservative coalition government in general (not difficult); today it is applauding a greatly loved Country Music legend and his marvellous new album.

Yesterday I downloaded Glen Campbell’s new(ish) album, “Ghost On The Canvas”, from Amazon

A long way down the line from "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Wichita Lineman", the one time movie star (do you remember him starring with John Wayne and Kim Darby in the original big screen version of "True Grit?") has come back to prominence with a fine collection of new songs.

Having heard the odd track or two of his new set on the radio and being a bit of a fan over the years, I forked out the grand sum of £5.99 and, to be honest, I consider it to be up with the best I have heard this year. 
Ghost on the Canvas Album Cover

There is not a below par track on the whole album, with Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” reminiscent short musical interludes interspersed between some superb productions (in the 60’s he did tour with the Beach Boys and also played guitar on the aforementioned classic album).

Campbell has stated that due to his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, this will more than likely to be his last full studio album set, although has left the door open for some future recording should his health remain. His voice seems as velvety as ever and is shown to full effect on the marvellous title cut, which has been gaining much radio airplay of late.

With 2 bonus tracks included on the Amazon (and i-Tunes) downloads, possibly the outstanding offering is the utterly brilliant “There’s No Me... Without You” – a true musical masterpiece. The Brian Setzer guitar work is worth the money alone.
Campbell performing in Texas in January 2004
Now 75 and completing a final world tour, Glen Campbell has brought back past memories of many of his great songs with this album, of which cannot be recommended highly enough.

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