Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tatty History - 30th August

80 years ago today (1937) - Birth of Bruce McLaren, New Zealand racing driver, car designer, and manufacturer. Founder of the McLaren Formula One team (died 1970).

25 years ago (1992) - Astronomers David Jewitt and Jane Luu discovered the first Kuiper belt object after 5 years of searching. (The Kuiper belt is a region of the solar
system beyond the orbit of Neptune and includes the dwarf planet, Pluto.
More than 100,000 Kuiper belt objects with a diameter larger than 62 miles (100 km) are believed to exist. Over 1,000 have been discovered so far.)

25 years ago (1992) More motor racing with German racing driver Michael Schumacher winning the first of his record 91 Formula One wins (Belgian Grand Prix).

Tatty Birthdays include

Jean-Claude Killy 74 – Former French triple Olympic champion alpine ski racer (right)

Cameron Diaz 45 – Americal actress and model (left)

                        Andy Roddick 35 – US Tennis player (below)

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