Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Today's the Day - 6th August

A sketch of the execution

  • 125 years ago: In 1890, convicted murderer William Kemmler became the first to be executed by electric chair at Auburn Prison, New York. Kemmler had murdered Matilda "Tillie" Ziegler, his common-law wife, with a hatchet on 29th March 1889.
"Help" Album cover
  • 50 years ago: The Beatles 5th studio album “Help” was released on this day in 1965. In later years, John Lennon stated that the album's title track was a sincere cry for help; he regretted changing it from a downbeat, piano-driven ballad to an uptempo pop song, which was done only as a result of commercial pressures.
  • 10 years ago: Robin Cook, British Foreign Secretary (1997-2001) and Labour politician, died in 2005. After leaving school he initially planned to become a Church of Scotland minister, but losing his faith when getting interested in politics, he eventually became an atheist.  He remained so for the rest of his life.

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