Sunday, 2 August 2015

Today's the Day - 2nd August

  • 75 years ago – In 1940, a French court martial sentenced General Charles de Gaulle to death for treason against the Vichy government. At the time de Gaulle was in England, where he remained until 1944.

  • 45 years ago – In 1970, Rubber Bullets were utilised for the first time in Northern Ireland during “The Troubles” They were never considered as a success by the British Army however, because of their tendency to ricochet wildly and injure the unintended, often grievously.

Norman Maclean
  • 25 years ago – In 1990, American writer Norman Maclean died in Chicago aged 87. He was best known for his books A River Runs Through It and Other Stories and Young Men and Fire.

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