Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Today's the Day - 19th August

The lovely Clementia

  • 700 years ago: On this day in 1315, Louis X of France married Clementia of Hungary. Louis X, often known by the names of the Quarreller, the Headstrong and the Stubborn, took Clementia as his second wife, after his first marriage ended when his spouse, Margaret of Burgundy was convicted of adultery and conveniently strangled in prison. Louis died in June 1316, leaving Clementia 7 months pregnant.

  • 115 years ago: The only ever cricket match at an Olympic Games started on this day in 1900 at the Paris games, when France took on Great Britain. The match, at the VĂ©lodrome de Vincennes was contested by the Devon and Somerset Wanderers representing GB (they were touring France at the time) and a French team comprised mainly from British expatriates living in Paris. At the end of the 2-day match, GB were the victors by 158 runs, but they managed to cut it fine as there was only 5 minutes of allotted time remaining.

  • 10 years ago: Mo Mowlam, British Labour Party politician, MP for Redcar and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (between 1997-1999), died on this day. She played a key part in the successful peace negotiations which concluded in the Good Friday Agreement.

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