Sunday, 16 January 2011

It Will Soon Be Monday Morning

Good evening one and all. Sunday nearly over and it's back to the stresses and strains of a new week in the morning. Oh deep joy.

How was your Sunday? I never managed to go fishing as I guessed would happen. Started watching the cricket ODI from Melbourne and then got hooked (a different sort of fishing maybe?).Then with taking the dog for a long walk (or did she take me) and going shopping at ASDA, that was the day pretty well done and dusted. Oh and I did a bit of writing , but more of that later.

OK, Here's the Racing Bit (skip this if you don't want to lose any money).

Today's selection was a bit of a disappointment to say the least.TRANS SONIC broke out of the gates well and immediately Joe Fanning made it over to the rail and took up the running. This was the story of the race until 2 furlongs out when, starting to be challenged, Fanning got to work and frankly, there was nothing there. It ended a very tame 3rd of 7, not even getting any place money. A big let down - I honestly expected better.

On Monday, we have jumping at Fakenham and Plumpton, along with all-weather action from wonderful Wolverhampton (if you are interested, I wrote an article extolling the wonders of racing at Dunstall Park, click on the following if you are interested:-

I suggest keeping an eye on the following:-

Fakenham 3.30 In a small, 5 runner field, arguments could be put forward for most of the combatants, but RAY MOND is running out of his skin at the moment. He has risen in the handicap from 73 to 117, but may well be able to handle his highest ever rating. A change of jockey is a concern however.
RESULT: RAY MOND took up the running early, building a handy 6-8 length lead and kept hold of it the whole way. One or two jumping errors, but a super performance winning on his first run for Neil King at 11/2.

Plumpton 2.40 As far as I can see, this is between Rith Bob who is totally exposed when racing under rules and MIDNIGHT MACARENA who, if being able to handle the soft going may well be the one to watch.
RESULT: Rith Bob won by 15 lengths, with plenty in hand at 7/2, MIDNIGHT MACARENA was tailed off early, giving the impression either something was amiss or the desperate ground took its toil.

The card at wonderful, wonderful Wolverhampton is as you would expect on a Monday afternoon and not very wonderful at all. I say no more....

As an added extra, here is a true story from a few years back, part of which occurred at Plumpton racecourse.

Lastly on the racing front, I have today written a new article discussing the failure of Kauto Star at Kempton on Saturday. To read, please click on the following:

And finally

I am writing this posting sitting on the sofa while Mrs Tatty watches Lark Rise to Candleford on the BBC. She is into all this period drama stuff along with the soaps and most of the detective dramas.

I personally think it is time that 2 of the greatest characters to ever grace British television are given the praise, nay hero worship they warrant.

Firstly it is Charlie Fairhead in Casualty. A more upstanding member of the community and fictional NHS you will never find. He has been shot at, had a heart attack, saved the whole of Holby from fire and floods. He never seems to get flustered or get much older for that matter.
Secondly is the great Anders DuPlessis from Wild at Heart. He is the epitome of what all us blokes would like to be when getting older. Totally unkempt, carrying a gun with beer in hand, shooting at anything that moves and all nasty African critters that dare go near him (is a shame Graeme Smith and Jaques Kallis do not get in his way really).

Charlie and Dupe - Tatty salutes you!

And that's yer lot for now, 
Chaiman Tatty

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